Friday, June 26, 2015

Glenview Summer Festival Saturday

The 42nd annual Glenview Summer Festival will feature merchants, local government information, restaurant tastings, service clubs and arts and crafts from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday, June 27, along Harlem/Lehigh Avenue between Glenview Road and Washington Street. The area will be blocked off roughly between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Commuters: Be sure your vehicles are not parked in the lot or stalls on the west side of the downtown Metra train station after 6 a.m. Saturday.

Remember, animals, bicycles and roller skate traffic will be restricted within the boundaries of the festival to enhance the safety of participants.

Stop by the Glenview Public Library at the south end of the Festival to cool off and find your next summer read!

Computer Workshop Date Change

The date for the Exploring Google Tools class has been changed. The new date is Thursday, July 9th at 10 am. 
Call the reference desk at 847-729-7500 x7700 to register.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Explore Skyscrapers at the Library

Think of skylines around the world, and what comes to mind is the silhouette of the city’s tallest buildings. Chicago’s skyline began to rise in the 1880s with the development of fireproof steel frames. Discover the history and future of this form of architecture with books from Glenview Public Library's collection.

Judith Dupré

From the ancient Lighthouse at Alexandria to the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, the 50 buildings represented chronologically in this magnificent book come to life in words and more than 200 images. This unique volume, which measures a good foot and a half, includes vital statistics on each building. The interaction of text and image brings the unique story of each building, and its builder, to life. There are stunning full-page photos of each structure. Dupré moves past the structures themselves to examine the ideals and dreams of the society that created them. The economic, cultural, and political role of buildings in everyday life is easy to overlook.

Kate Ascher

The Heights guides readers through the way skyscrapers work—from the bases of their foundations to the peaks of their spires. With skyscrapers becoming essential elements of urban life, there has never been a greater need for understanding these complex structures. Using innovative illustrations to tackle the vast complexity of these buildings, Ascher explores all aspects of designing, building, and maintaining a modern skyscraper, as well as the individuals who build and maintain them. The Heights provides a remarkable snapshot of urban life at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

Pauline A. Saliga

The Chicago School of Architecture came into existence in the 1880s and influenced generations of architects worldwide. Beginning with such landmarks as the S.S. Beman Fine Arts Building of 1885 and its neighbor, the Adler and Sullivan Auditorium of 1889, the authors discuss more than a hundred extant buildings dating from 1885 through 1990, including the Wrigley Building of 1922, the Merchandise Mart of 1931, the Inland Steel Building of 1958, and the phenomenal Sears Tower. The book is a generously illustrated survey of the Chicago skyscraper.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Would you like the newspaper read to you?

Are you a newspaper fan that finds it difficult to find the time to read the paper? The Glenview Public Library has many online newspaper subscriptions to offer its members. One of our library resources, PressDisplay, even has an audio feature that will read articles to you while you multitask, drive to work, or perform your exercise routine.

You can access PressDisplay through the Glenview Public Library's website on a library PC or from home PC using your Glenview Public Library card number as your username.

Open PressDisplay in your browser; on the left hand menu on the PressDisplay page click on the "Interactive Radio" button,

copy the URL that corresponds to the publication that interests you; then paste the URL into your Windows Media Player "Open URL..." dialog; and click play.  You can also find the "Interactive Radio" button to the left of each publication's front page after you have selected a publication title.

Most of us want to keep up with the news but have limited time to read all that we would like. Use the Glenview Public Library's online subscription to PressDisplay to access audio files of your favorite publications including the Chicago Tribune, the Sun Times, and over 1000 other publications in English and more than 60 foreign languages.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

FLAG DAY is this Sunday, June 14

Glenview will celebrate Flag Day this Sunday, June 14, with festivities at the Gazebo in Jackman Park, 7-8 PM. Knights of Columbus Father John Dussman Council #3731 and Bishop Raymond Hillinger Assembly #1595, American Legion Post #166, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts will participate.  Bring worn and damaged flags to be retired during the ceremony. Replacement flag kits will be available.  The event will be shown on Glenview Television.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hurricane Season Begins June 1, 2015

Glenview Public Library's collection will prepare you for the hurricane season with books and AV materials about hurricanes, global warming and the politics of weather. Our database, Today's Science, has several articles which are written for the lay person. 

Dr. Bob Sheets and Jack Williams

Hurricane Watch is a compelling and fascinating blend of science and history of man’s relationship with the deadliest storms on earth. Sheets and Williams have decades of experience researching and reporting on hurricanes, and helping the lay person understand these devastating storms.
Marq de Villiers

Windswept is the story of humankind’s long struggle to understand wind and weather – from the wind gods of ancient times to early discoveries of the dynamics of air movement to high-tech schemes to control hurricanes. The story of Hurricane Ivan, the only storm on record to reach Category 5 status three times in its path, runs through the narrative of de Villiers book.

Pete Davies

Pete Davies is the author of a number of critically acclaimed works of nonfiction. Inside the Hurricane brings readers face to face with nature at its most violent in a gripping, frightening, and brilliantly instructive book.

For more information about the 2015 Hurricane Season, see National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) page.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Class offerings for June

Classes are held in the Technology Lab, located on the second floor, unless otherwise noted. To register for classes, have your Glenview library card handy. Sign up online, by calling the Reference Desk at 847-729-7500 x7700, or visiting us in person. Participants must be at least 18 years old, and have basic computer and mouse skills. If space permits, walk-ins are welcome on the day of the class. Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment, so sign up early! Be on time -- latecomers will not be seated.

Tech Talk (formerly Beyond Google )– Just Drop In
      Monday, June 1,  7 pm
New members are always welcomed in this exciting class that helps participants become Internet savvy. Questions from the group determine the direction of discussion, so come with your list of things that stumped you during the month. The group meets the first Monday of each month.

European Genealogy
     Friday, June 5, 10 am
Learn how to find European sources for your immigrant ancestors.

Word 2010 Basics 
      Tuesday, June 9, 2 pm
Find out the nuts and bolts of word processing with Microsoft Word 2010. This class provides a broad overview of the most essential features to get you started.

The Unforgettable Story of Unbroken with Byron Kinney
      Saturday, June 13, 1 pm, Community Room
The story of the best-selling book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, about the life of WWII POW survivor Louis Zamperini, is a riveting story of survival, suffering, salvation, and forgiveness. WWII Air Force B-29 pilot Byron Kinney will share his personal connection to this fascinating story via his mission to Japan, which was instrumental in saving 700 starving POWs, including Zamperini. Mr. Kinney will also speak about the continuing story of their relationship, especially during the past 25 years. Presented in partnership with the North Surburban Genealogical Society.

Internet Searching Basics
    Tuesday, June 16, 2 pm
Lost in the Internet? We'll help you find your way. Learn how to find and evaluate useful websites.

Internet Searching Intermediate
    Thursday, June 25, 2 pm
Spend less time searching and more time finding what you need. Basic search skills required.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Celebrate National Bike Month and pedal off holiday calories

Now that you have your Memorial Day recipes all set, it’s time to investigate how to shed the calories. Luckily, May is National Bike Month. Here are some highlights of the nonfiction bike books that will get everyone ready to go. Bike Glenview maps and two reading lists for biking books can be found on the east end of the Information Desk in the lobby.

Leah Garcia and Jilayne Lovejoy

This is an easy to use guide to cycling with each topic heading comprising two pages of concise material. The critical information is covered quite thoroughly; photography is clear and pertinent. In addition to the items listed in the subtitle, the book covers food on the road, etiquette, indoor cycling and travel.
Tori Bortman

The cover boasts the claim “everything a new cyclist needs to know to gear up and start riding.” It does this in wonderful detail. You can find the perfect bike by using the questionnaire provided, plus the descriptions of every part of the bike and why they matter. Other chapters cover essentials of helmets, hand signals and how to ride in a group. The book ends with basic maintenance including how to change a tire and find the puncture in the tube.

Greg Borzo

Pick from 72 rides across the city and suburbs. For those riding with children, included are 27 kid-friendly trips. Borzo's book is laid out in a user-friendly manner. First you will find a chart of all the rides, color coded by area, and indicating characteristics of the trails. Descriptions of each ride consists of four pages starting with an “At a Glance” preview. There is a narrative description, along with a ride log and map. The photography is lovely and the maps are easy to read.

Ted Villaire

This book includes 34 rides in Chicago, plus two Wisconsin rides and one in Indiana. Nearly half the rides are suitable for families with children. There is a table providing a chart of ride characteristics, plus a section giving the reader a quick glance, a narrative description and a mileage log and map. Photos are not as plentiful, but the maps and descriptions are clear and easy to understand.